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Tiny House Initiative


How can you increase your residential property value and income AND impact affordable housing in Brevard?


Build a "Tiny House" !


Click HERE to link to the guide: "How to Build a Tiny House in Brevard"


Contact Don Rogers, Housing Director, at United Way of Transylvania County for further information about adding affordable housing on your Brevard property at  883-8822  or

Dear Brevard resident,

If you own property, with an existing house, in the Brevard city limits, have you considered the advantages of building a “tiny house” on your lot? Why would you want to?

A “tiny house” will provide:

·         A reliable source of income from rentals

·         An “extra” detached house for offices, hobbies, guests and general fun

·         Affordable rental housing for Brevard’s growing needs (particularly among low wage job holders in the service industries, single moms, single men etc.).

If this sounds interesting so far, let me show you how relatively easy the building process in Brevard can be and how the monthly income might work for you. You will then be able to determine if it is to your advantage to “build tiny” in Brevard. I think in many cases it will be!

Simply click HERE to link to Brevard Tiny House Initiative’s guide, “How to Build a Tiny House in Brevard.”


Don Rogers

Housing Director, United Way of Transylvania County