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Strategic Plan

United Way of Transylvania County

Strategic Plan


To build a stronger Transylvania by mobilizing our community to empower people to improve their lives.


To serve as a community leader through resource development and resource allocation to commit Transylvania County residents to 1) helping children and youth achieve their full academic potential, 2) a healthy lifestyle and appropriate healthcare, and 3) a financially stable household.

Focus: Resource Allocation

We will focus on the three areas of Education, Financial Stability, and Health.  These are the building blocks to a healthy viable society.  We will use the Vision Goals and Needed improvements developed by Transylvania United for each of these areas (see attached).  These provide the direction for us to increase the collaborative nature of the community work done by all of our agencies.  For the next three years our plan is to drive increased focus on community level outcome improvement.

Action Items:

Identify interested community partners and, working with them, develop action plans for each of the each of the Needed Improvements including identification of key indicators and measurements for success.

Identify and fund resources for project leadership/success.