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Funding Delays Announced

Rick Houck, Interim CEO, United Way of Transylvania County

United Way of Transylvania County (UWTC), currently in its 65th year of community service, has informed its community partner agencies of delays in the allocation of first quarter funds for local health and human service programs. Money from reserve funds will be available in November.

The delay affects 11 fiscal agents administering 15 programs in Transylvania County. (See list of programs below or go to )

“When we realized the cash flow issue on our end, we alerted the fiscal agents for all 15 programs. We were relieved that many of the programs have access to other funds they can use until they receive funding from United Way,” said Rick Houck, Interim CEO.

“We’ll work first with those programs that have expressed more urgent financial needs. We’re carefully assessing cash flow and incoming grant potential, and we’ll disburse funds as soon as they become available,” Houck added.

The funding delay is attributed to two factors: high expectations and over-committing. UWTC expected to receive an increase in individual donations, grants, bequests and other income over the previous year. Based on those high expectations and reserve funds, UWTC committed more funds to program allocations than the previous year.

“We sincerely apologize for any complications or concerns that our partner agencies or the community may have experienced as a result of our timing challenges,” stated Houck.

UWTC board members, other knowledgeable volunteers and staff are in the process of re-evaluating income and expense projection models to prevent any future inconveniences to its partner agencies and programs.

UWTC annually selects qualified programs from a pool of applications. Program funding decisions are based on specific areas of community need within the boundaries of health, education and financial stability. 

“Rise & Shine and United Way of Transylvania County share a long, long history of assisting potentially vulnerable children and youth in our community. We at Rise & Shine fully understand the challenges of funding the future of our community, and we applaud United Way’s desire to fund local programs with as much money as possible. We’re very optimistic that United Way donors will rally to help, to continue funding small but very important programs like Rise & Shine’s After School and Summer Camp programs,” said William Mills, Executive Director and Program Director at Rise & Shine.

“We’re confident that new contributions from our long-term donors and from new donors will allow us to continue funding vital programs such as Rise & Shine’s programs and the new Home Health Collaborative between Meals on Wheels and CarePartners,” Houck commented.

Funded Programs

  • Home Help Collaborative
  • Domestic Violence Prevention Partnership
  • Families & Money Collaborative
  • Homelessness Prevention through Litigation and Mediation Collaboration
  • Justice for All Transylvania Families Collaboration
  • After-School & Summer Camp STEAM Program
  • Community Playgroups
  • Playgroups and Stay & Play
  • Outreach and Education
  • Natural Play Project
  • One-to-One: Literacy Tutoring Collaborative for At-Risk Students
  • Summer Learning Collaborative
  • Baby Think it Over
  • Transylvania County School Attendance Collaborative

About United Way of Transylvania County

United Way of Transylvania County (UWTC) brings people together. UWTC leverages partnerships and donor investments to help each individual person and the community as a whole to grow and thrive.

UWTC brings grant funds into Transylvania County and combines those awards with local donations and sponsorships. UWTC invests in the future of the entire county by funding local programs and initiatives designed to empower people to improve their lives.

To volunteer, donate or learn more about United Way of Transylvania County, call 828-883-8822, send US Mail to PO Box 53, Brevard, NC, 28712, or visit or

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